Who We Are

Laura & GraY

We have an unbridled love for dogs. Both my partner, Gray, and I have always welcomed dogs into our lives, and Milo, my partner’s son, has grown up with these furry companions. Dogs and children go hand in hand, and Milo has developed a special bond with every dog he meets.

This is my full-time job, and I relish every moment of it. The thought of being stuck behind a desk, unable to give these dogs my undivided attention or take them on long, adventurous walks, simply would not sit right with me. Thankfully, Gray and Milo are here to lend a hand when they’re around, and on weekends, we’re always out and about with our four-legged friends; they’re never left behind.

Our home is a haven for dogs. They are free to roam throughout the house, except when they’ve been on their muddy, ditch-diving adventures (a particular favorite of Labs and Spaniels). We don’t bar them from any room, and we absolutely cherish those cosy sofa snuggles.

At night, our furry friends have the run of the downstairs, and most of them find the sofa quite inviting for a good snooze.

Our home comes complete with a fully enclosed front and rear garden, ensuring their safety is our top priority.

We’re incredibly fortunate to live just a 5-minute walk away from lush nature reserves and open fields, providing the perfect setting for long, leisurely walks. I’m happy to tailor their exercise routine to their specific needs, but as a routine, we usually head out for walks in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

During their stay with us, your dogs become part of our family. Wherever I go, they eagerly follow. We take them along when we visit my parents (who are absolute dog lovers and spoil them rotten), my sisters and their children, my brothers, friends, and my niece and her little ones. They get to experience river walks, country parks, meadows, and explorations all around Cambridge. We’ve even taken them to the beach, the forest, and the Peaks. Our furry companions are always up for a game of ball, chasing sticks, or even a friendly match of football. I’m still working on the mystery of preserving balls from getting popped or lost, but it’s a fun work in progress.