Health & Wellbeing

Want to extend the time you have with your dog

We help people understand about dog health and wellbeing by looking at the environment your dog lives in, their activity levels, toxic exposure, medication use and most importantly nutrition .

How we can help you and your dog

We will help you weave your way through all the information out there to help you to choose better brands to use for your dog and also assist in raw food feeding if you are new to this and unsure how to convert your pooch from commercially over processed food/kibble to a healthier diet. 
We will also support you while you go through the process of changing your dogs diet, so you know what to expect and don’t worry.
We can recommend foods to add to your dogs kibble/processed food to help add in nutritional rich extras to slowly change over and give you the peace of mind that your pooch is getting added nutrients to their diet.
We can help with recommending supplements and vital nutrients your dog should be getting in their diet on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.
No commercial dog food can be complete but we can add things to increase the nutritional benefits as we transition your dogs diet.
We know that all ills (same for hoomans) start in the gut, the gut microbiome needs to be at optimum to allow the healing process to start and this can work for you too (not the raw stuff but all the other added goodies)