Meet our Doggies – Kash – Premium home from home dog stays

Our first blog will cover our very first dog stay, the one who started our love for dog sitting………. meet the one and only Kashy

He loves meeting new doggies and having a mate to stay with. I think Kash has pretty much met al our other doggies. Mavis was his first buddy, then Luna (his super duper best friend), Bramble, Penny, Sausage, Bear, Billy, Jessie…… I am sure I am missing some.

We meet up with Kash for playdates when we have the other dogs and he also meets up with his bestoe Luna as they live in the same village. It is so lovely to know we have created great freindships with our dog stays.

Kash always comes running straight to the house when he gets out the car, knowing exactly where he is going 🙂 You’ve got to love this goof…….

Kashy & Penny
I too am a lap dog

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