Meet our doggies – Larry & Opti – Premium home from home stays

These gorgeous boys were one of our first bookings we had, we got to spend Christmas with them which was lovely. They couldn’t be more different but go together so well. Opti the Lurcher and Larry the Schnauzer cross white terrier. Opti will happily laze around all day but Larry is like a little pocket rocket. They will happily walk the fields, the beach or the forest.

Opti is reactive to other dogs having been bitten before, but once he has had his say he relaxes with other dogs as long as they are not in his face. We have been able to mix them with the right dogs and they have been happy to do so. We always take the dogs out for a walk as soon as they meet, we are outside the house and walking them on neutral territory and alowing them to be comfortable together before bringing them in to the house.

They had a stay with Luna and Jessie which Opti was as good as gold with and Larry and Jessie made firm playmates, they formed a right little pack.

We love having the boys come and stay.